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Types Of Impeller

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An Impeller is a rotating component within a centrifugal pump which transfers energy from the motor and accelerates the fluid being pumped in an outwards motion. An impeller creates pressure as the outward movement of the fluid is confined in the casing of the pump.

An impeller is most often made out of a cast material and is normally comprised of an inlet which accommodates a fluid, vanes which push this fluid out radially and a splined or threaded bore which will mate to a drive shaft. There are three main kinds of impeller.

Open Impeller

Most often used in smaller pumps that will handle suspended solids, an open impeller has vanes attached to a center hub that are mounted directly onto a shaft. The ‘Open’ title refers to the fact that there is no wall surrounding these vanes which generally makes an Open Impeller more sensitive to abrasion and wear damage. The open design does mean however that this type of pump is less likely to get clogged and even if it does, maintenance is much easier.


The design of these impellers incorporates a back wall that adds to the overall strength of the impeller. This type of impeller is usually used in applications involves with solid containing fluids and although less efficient then a closed impeller, this ability to pass solids is why this design might be specified.

Closed Impeller

A closed impeller has a back and front wall around the vanes which increases its’ strength and is most commonly found in clear fluid applications. Closed Impellers are often used in larger sized pumps and are the most specified as their increased robustness means they can deal with volatile and explosive fluids. The overall design of a Closed Impeller is more complicated with additional wear rings required, and the efficiency of the impeller will decrease as these wear rings lose their clearance over time and through use.

Bronte Precision manufacture a wide range of centrifugal pump components including Impellers. Working from castings, we understand that these crucial components can often require tight tolerances and have a specialty in large sized impellers of all design.