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Our New Machine

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It is an exciting time here at Bronte Precision as we enter into our 15th year of trading and unveil a number recent investments including new staff and new machines all to fulfil our mission: To be the supplier of choice across industries for the manufacturer of large sized and complex components.

Our new CME FS3

We have recently acquired a brand new 4th axis milling machine for our shop floor. Our New CME FS3 allows Bronte to work on larger components than ever before with a maximum capacity of 2500mm x 1500mm x 1200mm. “Our strategy over the last 5 years has been to stop being a jobbing machine shop and focus on our core strengths which are large sized and complex components, the issue with these parts is that they can quickly tie up machines and we have seen the need to increase our capacity in order to satisfy customer’s demands.” says Managing Director Steve Leach.

The CME FS3 is an ‘oversized’ machine that is temperature controlled to ensure the best possible working conditions. The machine includes an automatic turning head that allows a large number of different angles to be machined without having to move the work piece, saving time and space. The new machine can be used for both roughing and finishing operations and can accomodate parts weighing up to 6000KG in weight. 

This new machine represents a major investment for Bronte Precision “Many other companies are tightening their belts at the moment, but we see this as the perfect time to invest for the future. The last few years have seen us become busier than ever before and we need to capitilise on this will we can. This new machine will allow us to better meet our customers needs whilst continuing to expand” says Oliver Gwynne.

The new CME FS3 machine has been installed and is up and running, and as you might imagine we are eager to get it  busy as quikcly as possible so if you have a large machining project, why not send through your enquiry to Oliver on