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Chemical Compatibility and Pumping

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The fluids you are pumping will undoubtedly be a key factor in the materials you select and manufacture your pump from and yet often how these fluids will react to other factors can have a serious impact on the running of your pump. Some common factors/issues include:


One of the more obvious ones to begin with, but when pumping any sort of chemicals the concentration will affect the design of your pump. Where you have lower concentrations you may actually be able to use more economic materials to good effect. 316 Stainless is often acceptable for use with Hydrochloric Acid of 5% where above this, the acid will have a severe effect. Due diligence suggests that even where you are told the concentration of any particular chemical, it is always worth testing it yourself.


Temperature can play a key role in the performance of materials but it is often overlooked on its effect on the fluids themselves. Some chemicals will actually become more reactive at higher temperatures, for example Sodium Hydroxide will cause 316 stainless to cause pitting above 120°f, but will run fine at ambient temperatures.

Sun Light

An often overlooked factors is the impact that natural light can actually have on particularly sensitive materials. Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) in particular is sensitive to ultra-violet light given off by the sun and can cause premature failure if left in a plastic container/tank.

Proprietary Liquids

A Liquid/chemical which is normally sold under a brand name or isn’t listed on a compatibility chart can be considered Proprietary in nature. When you come into contact with a branded liquid you want to pump it can be frustrating waiting for answers from the original manufacturer but is always better to be safe than sorry. If information is hard to come by then consider getting samples tested as may be quicker/easier in some cases.

Life Expectancy

In many cases where you are dealing with a chemical substance that is hazardous, expensive or perhaps the process is critical/downtime is unacceptable it simply makes more sense to use higher grade materials with compatibility across the board for your components.

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